I want to write a book. I have a few ideas…a cozy mystery, a memoir, maybe something darker…a thriller or something like that. I also have ideas for a picture book. I need to buckle down and just start writing. But, I’ll put it off and put it off, just like I always do. This procrastination, I discovered with the help of my Psychiatrist, comes from the little bit of Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder that swirls around in my brain, causing trouble. OCPD is different from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, mainly in that it is a personality disorder. I don’t have the full blown disorder, just  flavorings. Enough to make a really sour flat white (since I have flavorings…I figure my flavorings are sour? Dumb? I know…). Anywho, I need to motivate myself and soon.

Tomorrow my plan is to sleep in, read, work on this blog, do some reviews, and kick this cold. I do not want to go to the doctor, but we’ll see how things look by Friday. I really think I got sick because I slacked off during our move and for about 3 weeks I haven’t been taking my vitamins and supplements and I’ve been eating like a piglet. I’m starting fresh tomorrow and I have weigh-in on Wednesday. Just 20 more pounds until I am at my goal weight! I’ve lost so much so far, I can’t afford to fall back into bad habits and ruin all of this amazing progress.

The nutrition plan I am on is through our chiropractor, nothing too fancy besides the state of the art scale…it’s called something with protein…I can’t remember. Nothing drastic, no fads, just eating lean meat, cut out sugar, eat certain veggies, and drink tons of water. There are also protein bars to buy and protein drinks. I just bought the apple drink mix and it is so good! Like apple juice. Yum! Also taking supplements is key. It really is remarkable how amazing I felt when I was on the program. Since I have slacked off I really do feel like garbage.

So I leave you with another random post. These are nice…rather cathartic and fun to write. 🙂 Thank you for sharing some time with me. I’m going to review some picture books tomorrow among other things – should be fun! 🙂




3 thoughts on “Pondering

  1. rantandraveaboutbooks says:

    I hope you end up sitting down to write, Brooke. It’s definitely therapeutic. I started seriously writing over the last three years for similar reasons. It sounds like we have a lot in common. I constantly obsess over my characters or books or the blog or marketing. I’ll go from reading 20 books in one month to writing 40k words the next. I’m sort of all over the place at times. I can totally relate. I hope you have a nice relaxing day tomorrow and can get everything done. It’s good to have some chill time. I’ve had zero since I started the process of selling my books, but I’m hoping to get some rest a month or two from now. 🙂

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    • brookevanderlin says:

      Hi, Jillian! So nice to get a comment from you – it truly made my day so much happier. I hope you know I mean that 🙂 I feel like I am always all over the place and I have had to come up with ways to keep myself focused, but it’s still really hard. Thank you! It is good to have some chill time. Your book is number one on my review list. Did I tell you I read it again? It’s that good! 🙂 I do hope you’re able to get some rest soon. Selling you books must be exciting, but I imagine stressful and a bit mind boggling? Thank you again for your comment – I appreciate you.

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      • rantandraveaboutbooks says:

        You’ve made my day, Brooke! 🙂 I’m so glad you love Corrupt Me so much that you read it again. That makes me so happy. I’m so glad I have dedicated fans like you. That makes all of this so worth it for me. You have no idea. Thank you! 😘Yes, it’s very stressful. I’m under deadlines with my editor, and it’s really crazy right now. My second book comes out on Valentine’s Day. It’s crunch time. I’ve had so little time for blogging or much of anything other than writing and working on marketing for the books. I hope you get some rest. I think it might be early to bed for me. I swear I live inside my charters’ heads for so long it makes me tired. 🙂

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