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Thursday, November 24 2016
A small business review of The Gardener of Bath, Akron, Ohio
A recent discovery that has brought sparkle and beauty to my life is The Gardener of Bath . If you live in northeast Ohio, you must visit this magical store. The initial moment when I scanned the shop, I turned to my mom and told her that it felt as though someone took everything I love, including my sophisticated rustic aesthetic, and made it into a lovely shop. We spent a good chunk of time exploring all there was to discover and we made sure to visit with Pierogi, the shop’s resident cat who gives friendly, sweet chirps when greeted with pets and conversation. His presence makes the shop cozier and seeing him curled up in his little shelf nest almost made my heart burst due to cuteness overload.
Mom and I ended up purchasing a mug that reads In my first life I was a mermaid (it has an ombre tint with white at the top, turning into a very soft aqua, and eventually ending in a deep turquoise), an Alex and Ani bracelet (we bought the otter which comes in a pair of two, so Mom took one and I have the other. Very sweet and so adorable! Kind of like a friendship bracelet), and a few other goodies. I found so many gifts ideas for my husband, my mom…there truly is something for everyone.
I highly recommend this shop if you are looking for unique, beautiful, extraordinary items for yourself, or dear ones. There is also an impressive selection of Troll beads as well as Alex and Ani jewelry. The service is wonderful – friendly, knowledgeable, and welcoming. Please do visit their site – or the store itself if you can! You will not be disappointed.

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