My Makeup Routine when I Am Sick

Sometimes I can help myself feel better when sick simply by applying a little but of makeup. This might seem like a lot, but it usually takes me less than 5 minutes to complete this routine and you haven’t seen my full routine yet! 🙂
First I wash my face with my Clarisonic and a face wash that is creamy and good for sensitive skin.


My skin is very sensitive and tends to get angry and irritated when I change products and when I am under the weather. This cleanser is very gentle and the Clarisonic ensures that I am getting a good scrub even when exhausted.


 The Clinique toner gently removes traces of face dirt and prepares my face for moisturizer. The Mario Badescu rose facial spray is one of my favorites products of all time and I use it more than one day to refresh my skin, add moisture and cool down in the summer by placing it in the refrigerator. I cannot recommend this spray highly enough as it has so many uses and a delightfully smooth and gentle scent of rose. Rose is my favorite scent. True, gentle, and genuine rose, though. No artificial, perfume-esque rose scents. CeraVe is a brand that my face embraces and I have had excellent luck with this brand. It soothes, moisturizes and protects and I have never suffered any adverse reactions due to this product line.

When I’m sick, it is very tempting to skip my face care routine, but it is important to clean my face and I do feel better after doing so. It’s like getting a layer of yuck off that helps me feel a little less gross. If I’m really feeling weak and/or do not want to go through the entire routine, I will use a facial cleansing wipe.




My skin tends to be very dull, especially in the winter months, so I use simple illuminating products to give me a glowing and bright complexion. The trickery! 🙂 NYX’s illuminator in the pink bottle is a lovely highlighter. I mix it with my moisturizer or just apply it straight to my skin. It is subtle enough to give me a pretty sheen and nothing too garish. Maybelline’s age rewind concealer in illuminate brightens the eye area and makes my eyes pop and takes away any blue, purple, and even yellow tones present thanks to be exhausted. When I’m not feeling well, putting on foundation seems like too much work and I just don’t want too much on my face. This powder, for me, works as a lovely foundation that covers imperfections and sets my concealer.
My skin is dry to very dry and I require light to medium coverage.

Swispers makes a tiny makeup sponge that is maybe an inch long when you run it under the faucet. I use this damp sponge to blend in my undereye concealer.
The brushes from left to right: I use this Real Techniques brush for face highlighter (featured in the next step), the IT Cosmetics fluffy brush is so incredibly soft and I use this to apply the Physician’s Formula powder. Finally, the Real Techniques brush on the right is my blush brush.


Maybelline’s illuminating eye primer smooths out my lids and leaves a natural if not a very light mauve-y wash. Becca’s highlighter in moonstone is a nice highlight to give just a bit more radiance to my complexion and Cover Girl’s lashblast helps define my lashes, giving me a more awake and “yeah, I’ve got it together!” look. I apply on top and bottom lashes and I will sometimes use a tissue to wipe off the wand, hopefully ridding it of clumps, because when you’re sick you do not have time for clumps.

This blush by tarte is buildable and glides on smoothly. It gives my cheeks a natural glow that says, “My cheeks are naturally lovely, not because I have a fever.” This is a favorite color for when I want a very natural look and tarte is my favorite brand for blush.When it comes to what I wear on my lips when I am sick, I don’t have pictures at the moment, but I like to use salves like C.O. Bigelowe’s night time balm, Vaselline lip tins, lanolin cream, Maybelline’s baby lips, and if I’m going out, NYX butter glosses (if I feel  like it).This post is meant to share with my reader what I do to help myself feel a little bit better when under the weather. I definitely don’t wear makeup every day, but it does help me and I know that’s not the case for everyone. I hope that I introduced you to some neat products and that maybe you had a laugh or two. I need to end this blog because Jasmine is trying to park herself on my lap while under a blanket. I have a blanket covered blob inching its way to me, mewing  and trying to sit on my laptop. Oh how I wish I could record this!

Happy Friday!



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