Book Review: Two Lovers, Six Deaths

Two Lovers, Six Deaths
by Gretta Mulrooney
Series: Tyrone Swift Detective Series (book 3)
Published November 28, 2016

Description (from


Dominic Merrell’s estranged wife Georgie doesn’t believe that he could have done it. Detective Swift discovers that Dominic was a reliable, devoted husband and father for eighteen years until he met the beautiful, charismatic Lisa, who he left his wife for. No one can believe that Dominic was capable of murder. But if it wasn’t him, then who killed the seductive but chaotic Lisa?

Dominic and his murdered girlfriend harbour dark secrets from their turbulent pasts. How can two lovers cause so much destruction?

Tyrone Swift will do anything to uncover the truth about a case that has uncomfortable parallels to his own troubled personal life. In a shocking ending, those with much to hide will do anything they can to stop him.

TWO LOVERS, SIX DEATHS is a beautifully written mystery that will have you gripped from start to heart-stopping finish.

Perfect for fans of Robert Galbraith, Paula Hawkins, P.D. James, Gillian Flynn, or Ruth Rendell.

My Review:

This is the third book of the Tyrone Swift series and the first one I have read. Looking back, I think I should have read the first two because I feel like my relationship with Tyrone was a little impersonal and I think getting to know him better would have helped me to enjoy this book just a teensy bit more.

Two Lovers, Six Deaths had me hooked at the beginning as the death of Dominic Merrell and the murder of his girlfriend Lisa and the events leading up to it were chock full of drama and questions at every turn.

I was a little confused by Tyrone’s relationship with his ex-fiancee and her now husband. I think it might have taken away from the main storyline a little bit, and I found the ex-fiancee to be so unlikable that I groaned inwardly whenever her name was brought up. This subplot was almost upsetting in a way and the husband so vile that I wished it didn’t exist. Though, I can see it being important for readers to get to know a different side to Tyrone apart from that of a Private Detective. I will take from this that Tyrone Swift is a patient, loyal, and selfless man who puts others before himself, which are traits that make him a good P.I.

I waited for my a-ha moment and I’m sorry to say it never came. It could be that I was distracted by the subplots (there are more than one), but I can’t put my finger on it. There were good turns to the book and exciting bits of information about Lisa and Dominic were revealed, but the turns weren’t quite as twisty as I had hoped.

I liked this book, I did, but at the end when everything was revealed I thought that maybe I skipped ahead on my kindle by accident. The ending and what I believe were to be the shocking revelations surrounding the death were a bit milk toast. I almost felt more invested with the subplots than with the main storyline. However! I did not solve the mystery myself and that says a lot for the book. Quite a lot.

Would I recommend this book? It is an interesting story and the fact that I was unable to solve the mystery leads me to recommend this read in a cautiously optimistic way. I would recommend reading the previous books in this series, which, as I mentioned, is something I wished I would have done.

If you are triggered by the topic of suicide, you might want to avoid this book, or at the very least, know that this is the way Dominic Merrell died and prepare yourself for some descriptions and conversations about suicide.

One more thing…I only counted 4 deaths in the book…has anyone else discovered all 6? I have to be missing something… Thank you 🙂

Many sincere thank yous to NetGalley and Joffee Books for a free copy of this book. It was my pleasure and honor to provide an honest review.

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