Blog Tour! Corrupt Me by Jillian Quinn *and* and an Interview with the Author!


I’m so excited for my stop on the Blog Tour for Corrupt Me! Not only am I pleased to review such an excellent book, I am proud and honored to support Jillian Quinn. I see only wonderful things in her future as an author 🙂 Thank you, Jillian, for an advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review!


The two main characters of Corrupt Me are Izzie and Luca. Izzie has a lot on her plate and her life is about to get more chaotic as she finishes her undergraduate studies and takes on a much larger role in her family’s company. She is stubborn, independent, a hard worker, and breathtakingly beautiful with a soft and compassionate heart underneath her tough, sometimes detached, exterior. But I love how independent she is. So many things about Izzie I love. Luca at first comes across as a privileged, arrogant, gorgeous heartbreaker who can come across as a tad bit vapid sometimes. Luca and Izzie have known each other since childhood, but reconnect one beautiful afternoon on campus.

I read Corrupt Me a little over a month ago and then again just a few weeks ago. It is a rare book that I read more than once in such a short time span. The characters, the storyline…if it were a movie it would be added to the short list of those I watch on days when I just want to escape reality and all its stressors and clear my mind.

Corrupt Me entertained me through my entire reading experience. I admit, I skim most books I read and sometimes I skim large chunks. I did not skim once when reading this book! I needed to digest every word and really be there with the characters. And the emotions…so many emotions were felt! I was curious, nervous, delighted, relieved, disappointed. It takes great talent to elicit so many emotions from a reader.

I appreciate Izzie’s strength and her intelligence. I appreciate how delicate and fragile her heart is and how well her character is developed throughout the course of the book. With each turn of the page I liked Izzie more and more and I felt emotionally invested in her life because she seemed so real to me. I began to care for her and again, making me feel such emotion – that is the sign of a gifted author.

I was quite moved by Luca’s willingness to grow-up, to be faithful and leave behind his playboy ways for Izzie. Luca is sweet and as the book progressed I began to love him and how vulnerable he allowed himself to be for Izzie. Luca’s life begins to grow complicated and it is interesting to see how he handles life as the son of a mafia boss. His mother is another dear character and she is so loving and accepting, especially of Izzie, and I love the way she and Izzie interact and care for each other.

As you can see from my review so far, Jillian has a knack for character development. Quite masterfully, she introduces readers to Luca and Izzie, and the supporting characters, and with each passing chapter new dimensions of each character are revealed. Just thinking about how much each character grew and changed from the beginning to the end wows me.

If you enjoy books with well described atmospheres and locations, you will be extra happy whilst reading Corrupt Me. Jillian captures the essence of a college campus so well – this is one of my favorite places for books and movies to take place because it brings back good memories of my time at university and Jillian hits the nail on the head with her descriptions and thoughtful attention to detail that are found through the book.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys love stories with a twist and some very steamy scenes. You will also find yourself on the edge of your seat more than once and maybe even feeling a little nervous about how things will work out between Luca and Izzie. Between the family dynamics and character development, Corrupt Me is like a vacation for the mind and also a great exercise for your imagination. I would love to hear who you have decided to cast, in your mind, for the roles of Izzie and Luca. I have a few ideas of my own 🙂 One other exciting thing  is that Jillian has more books that will be coming out in the future. I know when I find new favorite authors I’m always nervous about whether or not they will be writing more books. No need to fear when it comes to Jillian Quinn – she cares about her readers and has many things in store for the future.

So get yourself a copy, pour some extra bubbles into your bath, fix your favorite drink and get ready to meet Luca – your new book boyfriend. 🙂

Thank you for reading this review. Please keep reading to see the fun interview ahead.


An Interview with Jillian Quinn

Who is/are your celebrity crush(es) and why do you find them attractive? Anyone who reminds you of Luca?

Luca’s character was inspired by the famous gangster, Lucky Luciano, and as far as his physical description, I based him off Vincent Piazza, the actor who portrayed Lucky Luciano on the TV show Boardwalk Empire. I have a serious crush on him as well as Michael Pitt, both of which were in that show.

What does a typical day as an author look like for you?

When I am writing, I usually listen to music with my headphones so I can focus and drown out the background noise. I call it going into my “writing cave,” sort of like a man cave for writers. Writing is a very solitary activity, so I spend a lot of time alone and in my head and on my cell phone or computer.

What is your favorite tried and true way to relax?

I like to watch hockey and basketball when I need to relax. I also enjoy writing and reading, but both of those activities can sometimes be more aggravating than relaxing if the words are not flowing or the book is not holding my interest.

Do you have any suggestions, or tips for aspiring authors?

If you want to become an author, you need to keep writing and coming up with new ideas. Don’t worry about the craft until after you have the words on paper and something worth editing. Developing those skills takes time and practice, so my advice is to keep writing until you have something that you are proud to show off.

Where is your favorite place to write?

I like to write in my bedroom. If you had asked me this a few months ago, I would’ve said in my living room, but I’m temporarily living with my parents. I can only find peace and quiet in my bedroom until I move into my new house.

Thank you, Jillian! 



2 thoughts on “Blog Tour! Corrupt Me by Jillian Quinn *and* and an Interview with the Author!

  1. Thank you so much for an amazing review, Brooke! 🙂 I am so glad you loved Corrupt Me so much. I love your review. I haven’t stopped smiling since I started reading. As an author, reviews like this really makes my day. Thank you for reading and taking part in the tour. I’m actually writing Mario’s book right now with my headphones in. 🙂 You won’t have to wait too long.

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