My Favorite YouTubers

Sometimes what soothes me the most when I am having a bad brain day, or maybe just an old-fashioned bad day is watching videos from my favorite YouTubers. I have found a really great group of gals who have amazing content, beautiful personalities, and who I can see myself being friends with in real life. I wanted to share with you my top 5. Simply click on the name to be taken to the corresponding YouTube Channel. I’m getting really sleepy and I think my night meds are kicking in, so for right now I am just going to list some words that I feel best describe the YouTuber. Sorry for my lack of sentences. 😦

  1. Samantha March cute dog named Aries, Vizsla, yoga, Grokker, author, loves to read, kind, accepting, thoughtful, beautiful, Iowa, chocolate chip muffins and cookies, makeup, nails, lipsticks, married, anti-hauls, skin care, face masks,  understands my fear of being a creepy weirdo
  2. Lydia Elise Millen Lumi, bengal cat, nude lips, stunning, genuine, kind, chanel, hair goals, engaged, sophisticated, blogger, vlogger, professional, transparent, British
  3. Jessica Braun | JAMbeauty89  Pinocchio, Disney, Tyler, gentle-hearted, runner, teacher, Beagle, Disney World, married, Jasmine, sings, declutter, Indiana
  4. Elle Florence elegant, cute, amazing hair, cat, Fou Fou, lawyer, Canada, Vancouver, Hawaii, mom, high-end purchases, homemade pasta, Nouvelle Pearls, jewelry designer
  5. LearningToBeFearless beautiful, makeup artist, MAC, Alan, hates apartment, makeup tutorials, model, blogs, sweet, tender-hearted, Target, taste tests, makes me laugh, baking, contour, not afraid of a bold lip

Thanks, friends. I’m off to bed. But first, if you are going to check out any of these amazing ladies, I would recommend watching Samantha first. I recently found her channel thanks to Jessica recommending her viewers to look up anti-hauls. Samantha is such a gem and she writes amazing books! I will edit this tomorrow and add some more info, but click on her name. You will be so happy you did! She is my favorite YouTuber. I’ve never had one “top favorite” before, but she’s really awesome. Check her out! And her blog called Chick Lit Plus . YAY!


Goodnight 🙂


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