Book Review: Parker

Parker, by Jillian Quinn
Book #1 in the Face-Off Series

Publication date: February 15, 2017

A Blurb from Alex Parker Himself:

I’m Alex Parker, the best defenseman in the NHL, heartbreaker, and troublemaker. My team had the best penalty kill record in the league, thanks to me. I was on a winning team and so close to the Stanley Cup before I hooked up with the wrong puck bunny–the team owner’s granddaughter. Oops! So, they shipped me off to Philadelphia to play for the Flyers, one of the worst teams in the league.

My agent thinks I need to clean up my act. I drink too much. I sleep around too much. He assigns Charlotte Coachman, aka Coach, to whip me into shape. Coach is a sexy as hell sports agent that challenges me, and every time we’re around each other it’s as if we’re having our own face-off. I want her but she has strict rules about dating clients. And I like breaking them.

My Review:

I love sports and I love romance. Up until now, I haven’t been able to find a book that combines the two as perfectly as Parker. Jillian Quinn obviously knows a lot about sports and is a legitimate fan of them – this is evident in her writing and the passion found in each page.

I must mention that this book is steamy, steamy, steamy! So it’s best for mature eyes  only. The love scenes are  intense and the stuff of dreams. Jillian Quinn knows how to write a love scene! 🙂 While steamy, they are not dirty or unnecessary. They actually allow the reader to learn more about Parker and Coach/Charlotte/Charlie.

The characters in this book. One word – fantastic! I liked Coach and Parker very much and the weaving of their  love story was so sweet and tender. I love the way that Parker is so devoted to Coach that he will do anything to prove to her how much she means to him. This relationship will touch your heart and the steamy scenes might lead you to take a break and feed the birds or water your cats. 🙂

There are other characters who will steal your heart, like Rico, one of the kids Charlotte coaches in youth basketball. So many substantive, rich relationships.

The ending of the book literally made my heart leap. I could feel it flutter with joy and surprise.

If you like books with fabulous, well-thought out characters and a love story that will keep you guessing at each turn and rooting for Parker and Coach, you will love Parker. I highly recommend this book.I read this book for about 4 hours while at my desk at work today. All of my work was complete and I kept thinking about Parker and needed to know the whole story and pronto! Luckily, I am a Librarian, so read at my desk is quite the norm. When you start reading Parker, you will not be able to put it down!

One last thing. Read the Acknowledgments. They moved me to tears and allowed me to get to know Jillian a little bit more.

Thank you to the author, for my advanced reader copy. I am delighted to review Parker.

Jillian also has another book out! It is called Corrupt Me and is available now!

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