Ulta Haul Review!


I am excited to review these products! I’ve tried almost all of them except a few of the masks. There were just too many in this haul to try them all in a way that would be beneficial to my skin. Oops 🙂

The first product you cannot see well. It is the pink thing in a clear box on the lower left hand side. This is actually the L’ORÉAL Infallible Blend Artist Foundation Blender and I love it! I like to get it very damp and then use it to blend in my foundation, concealer, or and liquid face products. It is so soft, easy to hold, and it blends my foundation like a dream. Great coverage, no patchiness. I am very happy with this sponge.

I’m a huge fan of the SNP face sheet masks. So far, my favorite is the Otter mask as it is very hydrating and makes my skin feel soft and supple when I wake up the next morning. I have yet to use the Dragon mask so I will have to report on that in a later post. 🙂

The Peter Thomas Roth Mask Sampler was an exciting purchase because I’ve wanting to try this line for years now. At first I wasn’t noticing much of a difference or any results and I felt kind of sad and disappointed. Then I realized that I was not using enough product! I didn’t want to run out, but I was using so  little, the product was not able to work its magic. After discovering my mistake, I began to notice results! I’m so glad I figured that out -finally! At this point in time I have used all of them except the gold one. I like using the cucumber mask as a final step in my night time skin care routine as a leave on mask providing extra moisture. The pumpkin mask really gave me the impression that it was working on my skin. I felt a gentle tingle and once I rinsed my face, and applied moisturizer, I did a double take looking at my face. After one application, I noticed my skin was smoother. Since I goofed on my application, I will revisit these masks in the future in order to give them a fair and proper review.

The Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer became a fast favorite of mine. It has a large doe foot applicator and you can either apply the product right to your face or apply it to a brush or makeup sponge. I apply it right to my face. I do 3 whiskers on each cheek (I know, I’m hopeless 🙂 ) then a few stripes on my chin, forehead, nose and I think that’s about it. I apply it on top of a primer – I have not applied it straight to clean skin. Perhaps I should, to see how it wears. I have a feeling that it would be just as wonderful. I blend it in with a makeup sponge (L’Oreal pink sponge, or Real Techniques orange sponge) and then set my forehead with a translucent powder since it does not dry down completely matte. It is a little dewy, but not greasy or oily. I tried to take a few pictures of what it looks like on my skin, but I need to get better at taking makeup pictures. I have dry, highly sensitive skin and this foundation leaves my skin looking natural and healthy, and it does not cling to any dry spots which is a huge relief. My mom has oily skin and she is going to give this foundation a try so if she has any opinions, I will be sure to report them. 🙂

Lastly is the NYX Cosmic Lip Cream. I love this product! I have 3, my most wearable being Speed of Light which is a rose gold, coppery color that is very pretty on the lips. These are truly creamy and they last about an hour to 2 hours before reapplication is needed. The only drawback, for me, is that there are a lot of blue, green, and black colors. They are so pretty and I want to wear them, but I just can’t pull off those colors.

I highly recommend all of the products listed above and I will do my best to get back to you on the products I have yet to properly try.

Thank you for reading!


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