Beauty Review: Sally Hansen Miracle GEL

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 12.05.56 AM

The black bottle in the middle is the top coat. Starting on the lower left and going clockwise, the colors are 569|230 All Chalked Up (a light lavender), 599|710 Beatnik (a light navy blue), 639|370 Sugar Fix (a patron was trying to help me figure out how to describe this color. It is beautiful…a bit of a periwinkle, or as he said, a cerulean blue with pink undertones.I like that!), 510 Game of Chromes (a beautiful metallic chrome-gold), 819 Buffalo Nickel (a shimmery metallic silver).


I love nail polish. It’s pretty and it calms me. As long as my tremors are under control, painting my nails is very soothing and I like to watch YouTube videos or listen to music like Sons of Serendip while I do so.

I currently have three drugstore gel nail polish lines. Sally Hansen, essie, and CND vinylux. I constantly reach for my Sally Hansen shades and it is definitely the most affordable of the bunch.

What makes Sally Hansen’s gel line stand out is

  • the affordability (I usually pay around $8 for a bottle)
  • the color selections
  • they are easy to find, available in my area at Walmart, Target, CVS, and many other drugstores and grocery stores
  • the polish is easy to apply, dries quickly, and the top coat applies easily
  • I work at a library and I use my hands constantly, whether I am typing, checking books out to patrons, or setting up for story time, this polish lasts. I have gone 2-3 days without any signs of wear and that is very impressive. On days off, I can go almost 6 days without any signs of wear.

I highly recommend this line if you are looking for long lasting nail color at an affordable price. There are other lines I want to try, like Sephora’s gel polish, but I know I will continue to reach for Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel.

As far as the colors in the picture go, I love them all! What you see in the bottle and the little ring on the wand is true to what your nails will look like once painted. The top coat gives a pretty shine to the nails and Sally Hansen is constantly coming out with new, beautiful colors.


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