It’s Been a Long Time

Well, it seems as though my brain has really kicked me in the gut during the last few months. I’ve experienced decompensation, relapses, confusion, not enough sleep, too much sleep, and paranoia just to name a few of my closest friends. Friends? Well, perhaps not. We know each other well, but I’m not sure if friend is the right descriptor. Nemeses? 🙂

I’m getting my feet wet with social media. I’ve been away because of the paranoia that has become my shadow. Overthinking, confusion, and dissociation are also constant companions.

back to social media. I have been blabbering on snapchat (brooke.erin22) and when I say blabbering I mean blabbering. I want to blog, to write, to tweet, to post on Instagram and enjoy all of it. And I want to begin my book!

I still need to take it slow. I just wanted to say hi and I have not forgotten about this blog or anything else. I’ve been busy fighting a battle you see. An invisible battle where my very ill brain has been victorious. Until now.

baby steps.

Sending you love, positive thoughts, and soon, a review!



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