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I am a librarian, book and beauty blogger, and aspiring author. I am also an advocate for mental illness and I enjoy dialoging on how we can work together to erase the stigma associated with having a mental illness diagnosis (or diagnoses). I strive to be transparent. If my experiences with severe mental illness can help one person, it’s worth everything. I try my best to share in the most honest, compassionate, and open way possible. Through this blog, I want to share with you books I review and those I wish to read, snippets about and photos of my cats, Ellie and Jasmine, and things in which I find beauty. I will also write about mental illness from my own perspective, that of a 30-something married woman who lives with more than 3 severe mental health diagnoses and just wants to help others, hang out with cats, and read books.

I am also about to embark on a journey. Writing my first book! More news on that in the near future. 🙂 
Thank you for visiting! Best wishes for a lovely day.
Brooke VanDerlin

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