Ulta Haul Review!


I am excited to review these products! I’ve tried almost all of them except a few of the masks. There were just too many in this haul to try them all in a way that would be beneficial to my skin. Oops 🙂

The first product you cannot see well. It is the pink thing in a clear box on the lower left hand side. This is actually the L’ORÉAL Infallible Blend Artist Foundation Blender and I love it! I like to get it very damp and then use it to blend in my foundation, concealer, or and liquid face products. It is so soft, easy to hold, and it blends my foundation like a dream. Great coverage, no patchiness. I am very happy with this sponge.

I’m a huge fan of the SNP face sheet masks. So far, my favorite is the Otter mask as it is very hydrating and makes my skin feel soft and supple when I wake up the next morning. I have yet to use the Dragon mask so I will have to report on that in a later post. 🙂

The Peter Thomas Roth Mask Sampler was an exciting purchase because I’ve wanting to try this line for years now. At first I wasn’t noticing much of a difference or any results and I felt kind of sad and disappointed. Then I realized that I was not using enough product! I didn’t want to run out, but I was using so  little, the product was not able to work its magic. After discovering my mistake, I began to notice results! I’m so glad I figured that out -finally! At this point in time I have used all of them except the gold one. I like using the cucumber mask as a final step in my night time skin care routine as a leave on mask providing extra moisture. The pumpkin mask really gave me the impression that it was working on my skin. I felt a gentle tingle and once I rinsed my face, and applied moisturizer, I did a double take looking at my face. After one application, I noticed my skin was smoother. Since I goofed on my application, I will revisit these masks in the future in order to give them a fair and proper review.

The Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer became a fast favorite of mine. It has a large doe foot applicator and you can either apply the product right to your face or apply it to a brush or makeup sponge. I apply it right to my face. I do 3 whiskers on each cheek (I know, I’m hopeless 🙂 ) then a few stripes on my chin, forehead, nose and I think that’s about it. I apply it on top of a primer – I have not applied it straight to clean skin. Perhaps I should, to see how it wears. I have a feeling that it would be just as wonderful. I blend it in with a makeup sponge (L’Oreal pink sponge, or Real Techniques orange sponge) and then set my forehead with a translucent powder since it does not dry down completely matte. It is a little dewy, but not greasy or oily. I tried to take a few pictures of what it looks like on my skin, but I need to get better at taking makeup pictures. I have dry, highly sensitive skin and this foundation leaves my skin looking natural and healthy, and it does not cling to any dry spots which is a huge relief. My mom has oily skin and she is going to give this foundation a try so if she has any opinions, I will be sure to report them. 🙂

Lastly is the NYX Cosmic Lip Cream. I love this product! I have 3, my most wearable being Speed of Light which is a rose gold, coppery color that is very pretty on the lips. These are truly creamy and they last about an hour to 2 hours before reapplication is needed. The only drawback, for me, is that there are a lot of blue, green, and black colors. They are so pretty and I want to wear them, but I just can’t pull off those colors.

I highly recommend all of the products listed above and I will do my best to get back to you on the products I have yet to properly try.

Thank you for reading!


Mental Health Matters Book Review: An Unquiet Mind

An Unquiet Mind, by Kay Redfield Jamison
Publication Date: 1995


In her bestselling classic, An Unquiet Mind, Kay Redfield Jamison changed the way we think about moods and madness.

Dr. Jamison is one of the foremost authorities on manic-depressive (bipolar) illness; she has also experienced it firsthand. For even while she was pursuing her career in academic medicine, Jamison found herself succumbing to the same exhilarating highs and catastrophic depressions that afflicted many of her patients, as her disorder launched her into ruinous spending sprees, episodes of violence, and an attempted suicide.

Here Jamison examines bipolar illness from the dual perspectives of the healer and the healed, revealing both its terrors and the cruel allure that at times prompted her to resist taking medication. An Unquiet Mind is a memoir of enormous candor, vividness, and wisdom—a deeply powerful book that has both transformed and saved lives.

My Review:

This books holds a very special place in my heart because Dr. Jamison’s strength helped me to realize that I might have a severe mental illness. It was 2004 and I was taking Abnormal Psychology. We had to read a memoir of someone who had a mental illness and type up a paper. My professor pulled me aside and recommended to me An Unquiet Mind. She thought that I would enjoy it but also gave me a very meaningful look and held my gaze for about 20 seconds. I think she was willing me to read this, to know that this book could change. Because of my antics in her class (several times I let her know that I could teach better than she and I often wandered around the class, ending up at the front of the class trying to interject my thoughts into her lecture). With such compassion and respect, my professor helped me more that I could ever express. I’ll never forget her professionalism, her patience, and her forgiveness.

Dr. Jamison is a psychologist, but I’m not sure of she is still practicing, but she has published a number of other books.

Her transparency, ability to be vulnerable and even use some humor while telling her very personal and sometimes painful story blew me away and continues to do so every time I read this book. I read it about 3 times per year. It makes me feel like I am not alone, it makes me feel “normal.” While my diagnosis has changed from Bipolar I to Schizoaffective Disorder, this book changed my life and Dr. Jamison’s story is still so similar to my own.

If you are a fan of well-written memoirs/autobiographies I highly recommend this to you. If you would like to learn about what it is like to have a severe mental illness, more specifically Bipolar I Disorder, you will cherish and appreciate this book. She writes well, yet does not throw around lingo that is impossible to understand.

This beautiful, amazing, brave story will touch your heart, increase your compassion for others and hopefully yourself, and it might spark an interest in other memoirs written by those with severe mental illness.

🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩 5/5 doughnuts

Thank you for your time. I wish you the best.


Beauty Haul Review

screen-shot-2017-02-27-at-9-30-20-amI have been trying out these products for almost 2 weeks and I have some definite opinions I would like to share with you. I will add a link to each product in case you would like to purchase it, or learn more about it. 🙂

Batiste Dry Shampoo in the Tropical scent
I’ve tried a handful of dry shampoos and Batiste has been  my favorite since the first time I tried it about 2 years ago. There are many scents and tropical smells like the beach…coconuts, sunscreen…I love it! My other favorite is the leopard print can. It does leave a white cast, though it’s not too bad if you don’t spray too much. To get rid of the white cast, just brush through your hair and if you need to spray some rosewater on your hair or a detangler to soak up the powder.
Grade: B+

Maybelline dream BB FRESH 8-in-1 Beauty Balm Skin Corrector with SPF 30 in the shade 110 Light/Medium Sheer Tint
This is a beautiful BB cream. As the tube says, it is a sheer tint, so if you like a lot of coverage, you might want to skip over this BB cream. I usually wear it on days where I am home and want a little something on my face, but let my skin breathe at the same time. There is no discernible scent and it blends nicely with a beauty sponge.
Grade: A

Milani Prime Light Face Primer: Strobing + Pore Minimizing 
I have been using this as my daily primer. It glides on smoothly and gives my skin a subtle, healthy looking glow. I do not have large pores, so I cannot speak to the claim of pore-minimizing. I have dry skin so this works beautifully for me, but I am not sure if applying it to the entire face would work for everyone, especially those with oily skin, just because of the strobing properties/dewiness.
Grade: B+

Neutrogena Ultra Light Cleansing Oil
This is a wonderful oil! I have tried a few, drugstore and high-end and this is by far the best one. It takes my makeup off, smells amazing (I can’t put my finger on it…maybe like cherries?), and it doesn’t irritate my eyes. My finger slipped and I poked myself in the eye and it was just a gross mess, but after I rinsed out my eye, there was no irritation or redness. I also use this on a daily basis to remove all of my face makeup including eye makeup and if I use it like normal human who doesn’t want to poke her eye out, it feels amazing and my skin is so clean and soft. This oil has been very hard to find, but luckily the CVS by my home always has all of the newest products.
Grade: A

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Cleansing Gel
I use this cleanser every morning with my Clarisonic. It makes my face feel super clean, but never tight or uncomfortable.
Grade: B+

Milani Make It Last Setting Spray
The fine mist on this spray automatically made this one of my favorite setting sprays. There is a scent and again, I cannot figure out what the scent is. Let me think…hairspray and a pool? Not a bad smell, just hard to describe, but definitely not bad. I’ll stew on this… I’m sure that makes zero sense, but if you can describe it better, I would love to hear what you think. 🙂 I use this spray when I am all done with my makeup and it seems to meld together my foundation, powder, blush, and highlight. It adds moisture and life back to my skin but does not make it feel oily or slick.
Grade: A

Cover Girl oh sugar!  Vitamin Infused Balm in 1 Cupcake
This balm is so beautiful, it smells like heaven, a little bit like soda pop, but that could just be me. It smells like a Lip Smacker and I love it! It moisturizes my lips and leaves the softest tint. A true my lips but better. There are at least 5 more colors, but I love Cupcake so much, I haven’t strayed. I’m currently on my second tube.
Grade: A+

Garnier Miracle Anti-Fatigue: Sleeping Cream
This cream is so magical. Every night I take my little spatula and grab some product. The next night I open the tub and it is as if I never used it. It’s wild. I like this cream because it makes my skin feel nourished and supple. I need to use it a little bit longer to get a solid opinion, so when I finish this product I will post an update. In the meantime, I like it and I would purchase it again.
Grade: B+

Garnier Miracle Anti-Fatigue: Wake-Up Hydra Gel Moisturizer
This product feels like silk. I apply in the morning after I wash my face and the smallest amount covers my entire face and leaves it feeling velvety and refreshed. As with the Sleeping Cream, I want to give this a thorough use so I can come back to give you a complete review. In the meantime, I love the pump, the silky feeling, and how it makes my skin feel.
Grade: B+

I feel like I should state that I have dry, sensitive skin. My skin will break out in hives quite easily and it has in the past. I once had to toss over 10 products because my face was…quite scary. My skin usually reacts right away if it doesn’t like a product – 95% of the time, it reacts not even an hour after using a product.

All of the products mentioned have left my skin feeling soothed and quite normal.
I highly recommend all of the above products!

Please do comment with any questions, recommendations, or thoughts.

Thank you for reading,
Brooke 🙂

Book Review: Love, Henri: Letters on the Spiritual Life


Love, Henri: Letters on the Spiritual Life, by Henri J. M. Nouwen

Published 2016 by The Henry Nouwen Legacy Trust


Seven million copies of his books in print! This collection of over 100 unpublished letters from the bestselling author of such spiritual classics as The Return of the Prodigal Son and The Wounded Healer offers deep spiritual insight into human experience, intimacy, brokenness, and mercy.

Over the course of his life, Henri Nouwen wrote thousands of letters to friends, acquaintances, parishioners, students, and readers of his work all around the world. He corresponded in English, Dutch, German, French, and Spanish, and took great care to store and archive the letters decade after decade. He believed that a thoughtful letter written in love could truly change someone’s life. Many people looked to Nouwen as a long distance spiritual advisor.

Love, Henri consists of over a hundred letters that stretch from the earliest years of Henri’s career up through his last 10 years at L’Arche Daybreak. Rich in spiritual insights the letters highlight a number themes that emerged in both Henri’s work over the years, including vocation, solitude, prayer, suffering, and perseverance in difficult times. These deeply spiritual letters, sometimes poignant, sometimes funny, ultimately demonstrate the rich value of communicating with God through others.

My Review:

When I was earning my Master’s Degree in Clinical Counseling from an Ohio seminary, Henri Nouwen was an author regularly recommended to students by professors, other students, and clinical and academic advisors.

The Wounded Healer was by far the most recommended book and I do believe my entire cohort read it before we began our internships. Henri Nouwen had such a gift. He was intelligent, well read, well known, gifted, wonderful with people, and a model of selfless love, but he taught us that we did not have to be perfect people in order to help others and to help them begin the healing process. In fact, our wounds could serve to make us better helpers.

In his books, Henri was always so transparent and shared without hesitation that which made him a flawed and wounded healer. I remember this book bringing tears to my eyes, for certainly I was the most flawed student in the bunch and I felt like I stood out like a sore thumb. Henri helped me through my self doubt, helped me to see that my wounds would make me a better healer. I found great peace in that.

Love, Henri was such a beautiful glimpse into his personal life and the way he loved others in an authentic way that was not full of posturing or self-adulation. Reading his letters made me realize that Henri was human. I admit I put him on a bit of a pedestal while in school, but he was so…real in his responses to those who wrote  him. They were not cookie cutter responses and he did not hesitate to admit when he did not have the answers. I admired that very much and again the importance of transparency became all the more apparent to me during those moments.

I highly recommend this books to fans of Henri Nouwen, seminary students, pastors…anyone whose faith is important to them. I would also highly recommend Love, Henri to anyone who would like to read letters filled with love, kindness, acceptance, and authenticity.

Happy reading to you. I do hope you enjoy reading Henri’s letters and I hope they touch your heart.

🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩 5/5 doughnuts

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

Mental Health Matters: Upcoming Book Review

I will be posting a book review of one of my favorite books, Kay Redfield Jamison’s An Unquiet Mind. This review will be a little bit different in that I will be providing some of my favorite quotes from the book, quotes and short passages that helped me, at the age of 24, to realize that it was very possible that I had a serious mental illness.

I can’t wait to share this book with you. Have you already read it? I would love to know what you think!


Beauty & Skin Care Haul!

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 9.30.20 AM.png

I am so excited to share my reviews on these products! I have been trying them out for a little less than a week, but I want to try them long enough so I can give you quality reviews. So far, I have to say that I am loving everything!

The Maybelline BB Cream, Neutrogena Ultra Light Cleansing Oil, Cover Girl oh sugar!, and the sleeping cream were all purchases inspired by Samantha March. She produces amazing beauty videos on YouTube – please check her out! She is so genuine and lovely and she features high end and drugstore items which is helpful and so much fun 🙂

Look for a review next Monday. Here are all of the products I am trying out… (I shared the links, so if you’re interested just click away!)

Garnier Miracle Anti-Fatigue Sleeping Cream

Garnier Miracle Anti-Fatigue Wake-Up Hydra-Gel

Milani Make It Last Prime + Correct + Set

Milani Prime Light

Neutrogena Ultra Light Cleansing Oil

Neutrogena Hydro Boost cleanser

Maybelline BB cream

Batiste dry shampoo

Cover Girl oh sugar! in #1, Cupcake

Thank you for reading. I hope you have a beautiful day.

Book Review: I Am Death

I Am Death, by Chris Carter
Publication Date: July 30, 2015
Genre: Thriller, Crime
Book 7 of the Robert Hunter Thriller Series

About the Book:

In Top 10 Sunday Times (UK) bestselling author Chris Carter’s electrifying follow-up to his “chilling” (Daily Mail) thriller An Evil Mind, the LAPD’s Ultra Violent Crimes Unit lead detective, Robert Hunter, races to stop a serial killer whose past secrets rival those of Hunter’s himself.

Seven days after being abducted, the body of a twenty-year-old woman is found on a grassy area by the Los Angeles International Airport. She has been left with her limbs stretched out and spread apart, placing her in a five-point human star.

The autopsy reveals that she has been tortured and murdered in a bizarre way but the surprises don’t end there. The killer likes to play, and he left something behind for the cops to find. Detective Robert Hunter is assigned to the case but almost immediately a second body turns up. Detective Hunter quickly realizes that he is chasing a monster—a predator whose past hides a terrible secret, whose desire to hurt people and thirst for murder can never be quenched—for he is DEATH.

Fast-paced, action-packed, and filled with suspense, I Am Death is perfect for fans of Jeffery Deaver, Thomas Harris, and Chelsea Cain.

My Review:

I think I may have found a new favorite author.

While this is book seven in a series I will definitely be reading, I was able to read it without feeling like I was missing out, or completely lost on character background and personalities. This is a mark of a highly skilled author – the ability to pull in a reader well past the middle of a series, to keep them hooked and wanting more.

I love thrillers, and crime novels and I Am Death did not disappoint. Detectives Garcia and Hunter are returning to the job after a traumatic workplace situation. Upon their arrival, they are faced with a psychopath who is surprising them at every turn and does not follow a specific M.O. like most serial killers do. This perpetrator, whose only consistencies are horrifying brutal murders and leaving his signature at almost every crime scene: I Am Death.

The chapters fly by and are so full of meaningful, interesting, and captivating information that I hated to see each one end. Carter does something neat with his chapters as he sticks with the detectives for a few chapters and after revealing a huge piece of information, he sometimes flips to the point of view of the killer and his victims, or he might stick with the detectives. You never know what is coming next while you are reading and I love that. I love being on the edge of my seat, loving all story lines and not wishing that one would end so I can go back to the one that I like.

I thought I had this book figured out, I really did. I could not have been more wrong. I love being wrong! The plot twist that happens at the very end of the book blew my mind. I was so shocked and at first confused, I had to read the last few chapters a few times to make sure I was processing what I was reading. It was an amazing ending that I could never have predicted in a million years.

I found detectives Garcia and Hunter to be very likable. I especially liked that Robert Hunter has a Ph. D. in psychology and is constantly being courted by the FBI. He is vastly intelligent, but he never makes his partner or others around him feel as though they are less than. He comes across as a very humble man.

If you like books you can’t put down, difficult or unsolvable crimes, characters who will lead you to want to get to know them better and make you want to read every book written by Chris Carter, then I highly recommend this book to you. Go on a journey with Robert Hunter and try to solve this crime with him. I feel comfortable promising you that you will not be bored or counting the pages until you reach the end. You may need to read a few scenes more than once, but it’s worth it. So worth it.

This was a thriller I read mainly when I was alone and I did not get too scared to the point where I was unable to be comfortable in my own home. It’s terrifying, please don’t get me wrong, but if you read this during the day time, you might be okay. 🙂 At night…maybe cuddle up with your dog(s) or cat(s) and try not to accidentally push your significant other out of the bed because with each turn of the page you inch closer and closer. Not that this happened to me at all…

Chris Carter is a very gifted author. I highly recommend his Robert Hunter Thriller series, but if you can get your hands on I Am Death, I think this can serve as a stand alone novel that will be a good introduction to Robert Hunter and give you a glimpse into who he is as a man and as an elite detective.

I cannot wait to read my next Robert Hunter book. Thank you, Chris Carter.

🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩 5/5 doughnuts

Thank you to NetGalley and Atria books for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.